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Tree Pruning with a Purpose

We maintenance prune to reduce risk of damage to people or property &

manage tree health and direction of growth.​

"We Only Bully Bad Trees"


There are many reasons for tree removal in Kansas City. Emergency tree removal often becomes necessary during or after a windstorm or heavy rain.We are licensed, bonded, and certified, so you are ensured quality tree removal. Crane removal is available. Removing trees with a crane is half art and half science.

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Home owners are responsible for maintaining their trees.

Tree Trimming and tree pruning are similar in that they will both eliminate parts that are hurting the trees overall health.  If you’re handy, much of the minor pruning can be done yourself. However, for major pruning, we highly recommend contracting certified arborists.

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                          Commercial Tree Work

We have a vast experience and an excellent reputation when it  comes to dealing with the special challenges of commercial tree work. Treebullies Tree Service is fully insured for your protection. We provide worker’s compensation insurance for all of our tree service employees.

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Searching for an Emergency Tree Service?

We offer Emergency Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Stump grinding & more.

Weather can be a big contributor to tree damage. Tree damage comes in many forms and can cause property damage, split trees or completely uprooted trees. If it  is an insurance claim, don't worry we have experience in working with insurance companies. We realize that going that extra step to make our customers happy goes a long way. Here are some indicators that a tree should be removed: the tree is dead, the tree is suddenly leaning in a new direction, the tree is too close to the home and of a species destined to be quite large, you received a citation from the city to remove the tree.



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